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The quality of drugs is beyond the understanding of common man. It’s the responsibility of the Department to ensure the availability of quality drugs to the public and the market is free from counterfeit, spurious and substandard drugs and no drugs are sold at a price higher than the retail price marked on the container. There are so many laws regulating the drugs and cosmetics whereby the safety of the consumer is protected.

It is envisaged that the FDA in the year 2020 will be

A strong science-based agency-to accurately detect and assess health risks of various drugs and food, and set appropriate standards;
A trusted agency - to enforce statutes relating to food, drug, and cosmetics, and protect the welfare of the consumers,
A collaborative agency - to strengthen ties with scientific world, the health care providers and the regulatory communities, both nationally and internationally.

Towards the above Vision,FDA strives to ensure that

Food are safe and wholesome . Drugs and medical devices are safe and effective. Cosmetics are safe. Products are in compliance with the law and FDA regulation; non-compliance is identified and corrected. Regulatory decisions are based on a strong ,legal, scientific and analytical base It is a proactive force in making safe and effective products available to the consumers It provides clear standards of compliance to the industry and advise it on how to meet those Standards It identifies and effectively addresses critical public health problems, if any, arising from use of FDA regulated products It operates with close collaboration and co-operation with the local authorities, national and international agencies, industry and academia , consumer groups and health professionals in realizing its Vision.

Main activities of the Department in brief are as under : -

i. Inspection for grant / renewal of licences for the manufacture of allopathic drugs including whole human blood / blood components / Blood products, surgical dressings, diagnostic reagents/ Kits, disposable syringes/needles/perfusion sets, repacking of drugs, homoeopathic medicines and cosmetics. ii. Inspection for grant / renewal of licences for retail and wholesale of drugs including homoeopathic medicines. No licence for sale of Ayurvedic /Unani / siddha medicines and cosmetics is required. iii. Collection of samples of drugs & cosmetics from mfg./ sale premises for test / analysis to check their quality being manufactured and sold in J&K. iv. Inspections and raids with a view to detect offences under the Act specially movement and sale of spurious drugs/ cosmetics. v. Investigations of cases of contraventions under the Act. vi. Inspections of the premises licensed for manufacture and sale of drugs, with a view to ensure that conditions of the licences are complied with. vii. Launching of prosecutions against persons / firms found contravening the proVisions of the Act.


The Drugs Control Department of J&K is a Regulatory Department. It regulates manufacture of drugs & cosmetics for sale and sales of drugs. The Department carries out following functions, which have interface with public. 1. Grants/renews licences for manufacture of Allopathic Drugs, including whole human blood and blood components, surgical dressings. Medical devices and Medicinal gases etc, Homoeopathic Medicines and Cosmetics. 2. Grants/renews licences for sale of allopathic drugs and homoeopathic medicines. 3. Grants/renews loan licences for the manufacture of allopathic drugs and cosmetics to persons/firm's who do not have their own facility for manufacture of such items. 4. Grants licences for manufacture of drugs for the purpose of examination, test or analysis